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If you are a Machine Learning researcher and are also interested in stock market day-trading, we have an offer for you. Join our HedgeTools Group. We are both Machine Learning developers and Stock Market day-traders.  You will be designated as a “Collaborator” on the private HedgeTools GitHub site.  Members can download the complete HedgeTools software at any time.  We encourage collaboration on software changes and improvements.  You can also participate in lively discussions about machine-learning trading strategies.

The dues to our group are $4,950, with a yearly maintenance fee of $950.  The HedgeTools agreement can be download here.

If you are interested in how HedgeTools has helped to manage a real money portfolio (not a paper portfolio), please contact Charles and he will send you the portfolio performance.  You should be able to recoup your dues in a short amount of time.

Please contact Charles at  Sorry for the use of old-school email. You cannot call his iPhone because you will not be in his Contacts list.  If you want to talk on the phone, he will add you, and you will also be able to send text messages.


If you are not a software developer but are interested in enhancing your stock market trading capabilities, we also have a solution. We can configure a HedgeTools Workstation for you. It is a turn-key solution, and by that, we mean the workstation comes with all the HedgeTools software pre-configured for you.  You turn the machine on, and you are ready the begin receiving trade recommendations based on the machine learning algorithms of HedgeTools.

The HedgeTools workstation is delivered with all the following items pre-configured:

Description Cost
Dell Mobile Workstation: I9 processor, 1 TB Semiconductor Discs (view Specification) $4,810.34
One year subscription to ( $1,950.00
IQFeed client application $360.00
HedgeTools software $2,500.00
Total: $9,620.34

Table 1 Pre-configured HedgeTools workstation

Support is also available for new feature programing at $75/hour.


You must have a lot of questions. Please contact us at:

  • Old school (email):

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