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Click on the Movers tab at the top to display the default Movers page as shown below.


Today’s Movers

The intent of this application is to show a chart of all industrial group performances, as well as the top/bottom individual stock percentage gains/losses for today. The panel in the lower left part of the page contains a pull-down menu of all the industrial group descriptions. Below this menu is an area that will contain a button for each stock in the group, when a group is selected.

The group and individual stock performances are computed at the top of each hour during the trading day. The latest results are shown in the chart to the right of the buttons panel. As you can see in the figure above, the group performances are sorted in descending order, from best to worst. Use the scroll bar to move down to the bottom of the performance chart.

For example, clicking on the down arrow of the drop-down menu will bring up a list of the industrial groups as shown below.

Industrial Group Pulldown menu

If the Networking & Communications Devices group is selected, buttons will appear for the stocks in this industrial group. You can then click on any of the buttons to bring up a chart.

Movers – Group Chart

The chart next to the button panel shows Industrial group names and their relative performances. Positive results are shown as rectangles to the right, and negative results have rectangles to the left. When you move your mouse cursor over the industrial group name, or the performance rectangle, it will turn red. When you select the item (left mouse button) the button panel will fill up with all the stocks in that industrial group. In the figure shown below the mouse cursor was over Networking & Communications Devices. This item was selected and the buttons for the stocks in this group appeared. The Check-box for Detail was also selected, and it launched the Movers Detail table that you see floating above the HedgeTools application. This table shows the percentage gain/loss for each stock in the selected group. For you convenience, you can either select a row in the table, or the stock button to bring up charts for that stock. In the figure below, FNSR was selected in the table. The trade chart, as well as the Equivolume chart appeared. You can see that percentage gain for FNSE was 56.19%

Movers Group Performance

The performance rectangles in the Movers chart are computed as follows:

  1. Let N be the number of stocks in an industrial group
  2. Let P be the average percentage gain for the ith stock in the group.

This is the percentage difference between today’s last price and yesterdays close.

Movers – Best/Worst Performing Stock Charts

When you click on the Stocks selection of the radio button (bottom of the buttons panel), the performance chart will change to show the best/worst performers so far today. An example of the Stocks radio button at the bottom of the button panel is shown below.

Movers Stock Pulldown

The performance chart also changes to show the best/worst percent performers for today. The figure shown below shows an example of the complete Movers screen at this point.

Movers Stock Chart

InIn this figure the mouse cursor was moved over the performance bar for FNSR. At this point, the bar turned red. The bar was then clicked on and the button for FNSR appeared in the button panel. Charts for FNSR also appeared. You can simply click on any of the performance bars (or stock ticker symbols) and new charts will appear.