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Equivolume Tab

Select the Equivol tab to enter the Equivolume Charting system. An example of this page looks like the one shown below.

BigBox example

There are three main areas of the charting window. On the top-left you will see an Equivolume chart for NLNK. In this example, the button for NLNK was hit and the charts appeared. You can also display a chart for NLNK by entering the symbol into the Symbol text box and hitting the Enter key or by pressing the Display button next to the Symbol box.

Shown in the right side of this page is todays trade chart for NLNK. On the trade chart, 10-second trade dots represent the trades during the trading day. In this example, the chart shows how NLNK traded in the first hour and 35 minutes. In the volume panel, there are 10 gray lines that show the volume in each of the previous 10 days. The black line is the average of the gray lines. The red line is todays volume.