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DayMomentum Tab

Selecting the DayMomentum tab will bring up a page that looks similar to the one shown below:

Day Momentum Chart

The Day Momentum application is used to scan the database for stocks that meet a "buy" criteria early in the morning. The panel at the lower left allows the user to input parameters that affect the model. The "Scan" and "Cancel" buttons are used to start and stop the scan. When the Day Momentum application finds a stock that meets the model criteria, the scan is paused and charts appear.

The DayMomentum application consists of four charts. The chart at the top left is a day chart of the NASDQ. Each dot on this chart is a 10-second summary. The smooth cyan line is a model of the price. The chart at the top right is the Momentum chart that we discussed in the next section. There are two charts at the bottom. On the bottom left you will see yesterday’s day chart. On the bottom right is what’s happening now.

The panel on the lower left shows some parameters that control the database scanning process. Click on the Scan button to begin the database scanning process. At any time, you can hit the Cancel button to stop scanning. You can then adjust the scanning parameters and begin a new scan.

You probably have a lot of questions about this application. The Users Manual will answer some of them. Contact us for further questions.