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HedgeTools is going mobile!

Our first mobile application is the Trin Meter.  Trin is an acronym for TRading INdex.
There are Trin meters for: NYSE, NASDQ, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 stocks.
For a detailed description of the Trin Index click here.

When the Stock Exchanges are active, each meter will automatically update itself.  You will notice the meter needle
will move to a new value, and the index numbers will change as new market data is received.

When the Hedge Funds make their move, you can literally see it happen.

How to purchase the Trin App

Please search for "Trin" in the Apple App Store on your iPhone 7 or iPad. The cost is $19.99.

To see the details on the Trin App for the iPhone/iPad, click here.

Currently, the mobile version of the Trin Meters run on:

  • Apple iPhone 5 through iPhone 7.

  • Apple iPad (all versions).

Screen Shots of the iPhone 6 version

Shown below are the four views of the Trin App for the iPhone 5.
Also shown on each meter face is the change in the underlying index (Dow Jone Industrials, NASDQ Composite, SP 500, and Russel 2000 Index).


iPhone NYSE Trin iPhone NASD Trin iPhone S&P Trin iPhone Russel Trin

Screen Shot of the iPad version

iPhone NYSE Trin