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We are seeing new revolutions that will affect investing

Brokerage House software does not allow investors to make database queries on trading patterns.  Their software helps the investor to execute trade orders, but it does not tell you what to trade.  They make their money on trade commissions, not on trade advice.

There are three revolutions going on right now that will impact short-term investing:

  1. New computer hardware to aid Machine Learning algorithms
  2. New Machine Learning software
  3. Mobile computing

HedgeTools is a platform designed to take advantage of these revolutions.

About HedgeTools®

HedgeTools® is a collection of applications that consists of: real-time data collection, charting, and analysis tools that aid the investor in the decision making process of portfolio management.  Here is an example of the desktop at the beginning of a market day (click to enlarge):


The desktop image above shows movers 7 minutes into the market on January 27, 2021. The goal of the Early Market analysis is to find stocks that are making a move, with the goal of at least a 2.0% gain.  As you can see, several of the "movers" have already met the goal. Did your Brokerage House software give you that information?

Developers: To see the latest research result, click (here).

For more information on our research please view our article (here) that summarizes our modeling experiments on the Bottle Rocket Pattern.