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Business Opportunities

We are interested in partnering with a group that can market, sell and support the HedgeTools platform.


The following are the main assets of Cypress Point Technologies:

  1. HedgeTools® Registered Trademark
  2. All source code is written in C# 6.0, with Visual Studio 2015 as the Integrated Development Environment
  3. Visual Studio code analysis shows that the number of lines of code is about 192,000. Of course, this does not include comments or empty lines.
  4. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is used to store summary and 10-second trade summaries for about 3,000 stocks. The criteria for inclusion in the database is that a company must have a capitalization of at least $100,000,00, and the stock must have at least 1,000 10-second trade summaries that day. The database includes summary and trade data going back to 2015.
  5. The size of the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database is about 205 GBytes.
  6. The current development, and production machine, is a Dell Precision M6700  mobile workstation. Click here to go to Dell Computer. for the machine's specification.


Desktop in action

The essence of the HedgeTools platform is to notify the user what is relevant at any point in time in the market. Brokerage house software, such as Schwab's StreetSmart Edge, or Interactive Broker's TWS application, requires the user to know what is relevant at the moment. But in general, the user does not know which stocks are moving. HedgeTools solves that problem by showing the user what stocks are developing lucrative trading patters as soon as they develop. The patterns are recognized by the proprietary HedgeTools model, and shown to the user.

Shown below is the HedgeTools platform in action. You probably cannot read the image because it is rather large. To see the desktop image in greater detail, click on it and a new window will appear.

There are three parts to the desktop. The HedgeTools application is shown in the top-right part of the screen. To the left, you will notice six small windows that contain charts of stocks you should pay attention too. These chart windows were launched automatically by the Watch processor. The bottom part of this application is visible below the HedgeTools application. The Watch processor is critical to the HedgeTools platform. It is automatically launched before the start of the market, and it automatically shuts down one-minute after the close of the market. The Watch processor reads the data feed from, which is the vendor we use to get the real-time market data. The Watch processor reads each trade and stores it in the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. After doing so, the trade is analyzed in the context of all the trades for that stock that has been received so far. It the trades meet the trading model, the windows on the left are launched. This means that platform is advising the user what to trade at that time. Click on this image to see it at full size.



Watch processor

The Watch processor is an application that processes the last sale data feed from As real-time trades come in from the major exchanges, the Watch processor stores each trade in the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. A cache is also updated for all stocks so that the trades for a given stock can be analyzed. Watch uses a proprietary model to decide if a lucrative pattern has occurred. If the Launch CheckBox is selected (see the bottom of the Watch interface) then a Watch chart is launched. Watch charts are shown in the desktop image (above). These chart automatically update as new trades are received.